Welcome to Robins

Our new Robins visited the classroom this week with their Mums and Dads to meet myself and Mrs Lacey and to find out a bit more about Gretton School. We gave them a guided tour of the classroom and outdoor area, they found out where they peg will be and a special place for their wellies and then they chose something to play with. Although we knew a few of the children who have older siblings, it was the first opportunity we’ve had to meet most of the class and it was lovely to finally be able to welcome them to our school. We are very much looking forward to spending more time getting to know them all next week and for them to begin making new friends.

Robin's Assembly

Robins performed to their families on Thursday for our class assembly. They told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with actions and plenty of expression! Having planted some magic beans we were amazed to arrive at school one morning to find a huge beanstalk had grown and a giant had visited our classroom and stolen our rug. The Robins were very cross about this and wrote letters to him to explain why they would like it back. We finished our assembly with a performance of Old MacDonald with percussion instrument sound effects.IMG 4810IMG 4810

In R.E. the Robins learnt about Palm Sunday and acted out the story.


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday in Robins by making our own pancakes and added some delicious toppings but decided to use play dough versions to try tossing in the air which was probably just as well judging by the number that landed on the floor! Robins also made masks this week of the characters in Jack and the Beanstalk and took on the different roles as each was put in the ‘hot seat’ to be questioned. The children practised using question words and came up with some imaginative ideas such as ‘How do you lay golden eggs?’ to the chicken and ‘Why were you so furious?’ to Jack’s mother. Our role-play area has become a Garden Centre and we plan to do lots of planting over the next few week…perhaps we’ll even grow some magic beans of our own and see if we find a Giant at the top!

IMG 4726


Jam Tarts

Robins enjoyed making play dough jam tarts for the role-play bakery so much that we felt inspired to make the real thing which were far more delicious! Now the children have learnt The Little Red Hen by heart they wrote their own versions of the story. They earnt lots of stickers to go on their bookmarks for their efforts sounding out words by themselves and trying to recall tricky word spellings. We learnt about weighing and measuring in Maths and found that Mrs Lacey is the tallest in the class but the children assured me that I might grow as tall as her one day!

IMG 4456IMG 4407IMG 4415