Leaf Man

A Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows…Lois Ehlert’s story about ‘Leaf Man’ inspired lots of Autumnal activities this week in Robins. We made Autumn trees using hand and finger painting, created leaf men collages, drew journey maps to show where he travelled in the wind and made leaf rubbings. In maths we used our collection of Autumn objects to practise sorting in different ways. ‘The Button Box’ by Margaret Reid told us the story of a little boy who loved to sort through his Grandmother’s buttons- we did the same with my mother’s button box and discovered the shiny buttons were everyone’s favourites as they looked like jewels.


Robins visiting one of the railway bridges on their Adventure Walk this week.

The Runaway Pea

Robins received a new book each from the Book Trust called ‘The Runaway Pea’ by Kjartan Poskitt which inspired a week’s worth of vegetable related activities. During our daily ‘Dough Disco’ to improve fine motor control we squeezed, rolled and squished our dough into vegetable shapes. We’ve made vegetable prints, pea rolling trails, vegetable soup and created a vegetable shop. In maths the children have been finding and counting matching pairs and in phonics have begun learning their letter sounds. The children enjoyed their first P.E. session in the hall and went on an adventure walk with Mrs Lacey to see the railway bridges in Gretton and make some rubbings. It has been the first full week for Robins and they have coped brilliantly- I hope they enjoy a good rest at the weekend!

IMG 5470

First Forest School

Robins had their first visit to Forest School this week and had great fun exploring and treasure hunting. Penelope told us about an Autumn mobile she was making at home and we decided to make some of our own using the treasures we found. Our learning this week was based around ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy and we talked about the things that help us to sleep at night. I showed the children ‘Doggy’ the very moth-eaten teddy I used to take to bed and the children all shared the names of their own special toy. Food was a big feature of the week as the children stayed for lunch for the first time, as well as making their own sandwiches with Mrs Eliot and biscuits with me. We have enjoyed lots of Autumn show and tell and were impressed with Aubrie’s collection of 27 conkers!


IMG 5336


Fun first week

What a fantastic first week for our new Robins. They have had lots of fun exploring all the toys in the classroom, getting mucky in the outdoor area and meeting their Big Friends. We have learnt lots about each other’s’ families from the lovely photos they’ve brought in and talked about what makes us the same and different. We read stories about the Large family of elephants by Jill Murphy and ‘It’s Okay to be Different’ by Todd Parr. The children practised using their listening ears to play sound games on the Smartboard, with musical instruments and on a listening walk around school. Mrs Lacey, Mrs Eliot and I have been so impressed with how well they have settled in already and what great tidy uppers we have this year!



outdoor area