The Dirty Great Dinosaur

Robins have been back to prehistoric times to find out about dinosaurs. We read Martin Waddell’s story ‘The Dirty Great Dinosaur’ in which Hal and his dog Billy capture a dinosaur in their garden, the children designed their own imaginative traps in case a dinosaur ever visits them! As the poor dinosaur didn’t get to eat Hal or his family he was still hungry, so Mum feeds him a huge dinner. Robins drew and wrote captions for their own dino dinners including spaghetti and meatballs, seafood omelette and a cheese, chips and chocolate wrap! As well as finding out some interesting dinosaur facts the children designed their own hand-print dinosaurs, made pasta dinosaur skeletons and salt dough dinosaur bones.

Walker’s dinosaur trap


Tell me a dragon

We read a beautiful picture book in Robins this week called ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris. The stunning illustrations inspired many budding artists to create their own air, water or fire dragons. The children demonstrated their powerful imaginations in their descriptions of their dragon and how it moves. Today is Chinese New Year which inspired my choice of book and became the theme for our topic work this week. Robins have learnt some interesting facts about the celebration, tried dragon dancing, used chopsticks and made paper decorations. In Maths the children have been practising ordering teen numbers and finding one more and one less and working hard on their number formation.

Jack’s painting of ‘Dave the dragon’



The Giant Jam Sandwich

It’s been a tasty week in Robins as we have been reading ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’. I have been positively drooling over photos of the bread the children have baked; Henry, Walker and Jack made some very tempting looking rolls and Aubrie baked a large loaf to go with home-made soup…delicious! The children wrote ingredient lists and instructions for making sandwiches as well as creating a sandwich menu and taking orders from their families. Ruby made some very tasty looking cheese sandwiches for her Mum and sister and Penelope created such a colourful menu that I put in an order for a tuna sandwich but I’m not sure she delivers! Many of the children have shown good perseverance in Maths as they are working with trickier teen numbers finding 1 more and 1 less than. Well done Robins for another high number of good Maths and writing Dojo points earnt this week.

Henry baking bread


Stanley's Stick

The week began with some very snowy photos shared in the class discussion on Showbie. The children also shared their sledging, building snowmen and making snow angels news at school too. The Robins’ story of the week has been the tale of ‘Stanley’s Stick’ by John Hegley. Stanley has a special stick which he takes everywhere and uses his imagination to pretend it is many different things including a ‘stickosaurus’! Robins went stick hunting to find sticks of many shapes, sizes and texture to compare and practise describing words before imagining they were broomsticks, fishing rods and even tiaras. Stanley threw his stick into the sea, so the children tested objects of different materials to find out if they floated or sank. Great work in phonics this week as we learn the trickier 2 and 3 letter sounds and some enthusiastic mathematicians working hard on subtraction sums.