We read the stories ‘Titch’ by Pat Hutchins and ‘Tall’ by Jez Alborough and discovered that the best things come in small packages-just like our lovely Robins! We compared heights of the children to practise using measuring language as well as comparing the heights of the teachers. One of the children tried to reassure Mrs Fowler that she will have grown by her next birthday! Our measuring also took us outdoors for some highly competitive ‘welly wanging’ to explore measuring distance. In English Robins listened to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and joined in with the animal characters using different voices and lots of expression. The story inspired some super sentence writing with a very positive ‘can-do’ attitude just like the Little Red Hen herself. The brighter weather encouraged us out onto the MUGA for some circuit training in P.E. and we spent a gloriously sunny afternoon looking for signs of Spring on our Adventure Walk.

IMG 6575

What the Ladybird Heard

This week Robins enjoyed a Julia Donaldson favourite- ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. It has inspired lots of discussions around farm animals and their young. On our adventure walk we spotted chickens, horses, alpacas and sheep with their lambs. We also thought about the wild animals that live at Forest School and Robins searched the site for signs of animal life which mostly consisted of rabbit droppings! Having drawn some beautifully detailed story maps of the farm in this week’s story, the children practised their digraphs to label the animals and to write speech bubbles. Robins also wrote in whole sentences to create farm animal riddles. In Maths we have been combining 2 groups to find the total using dotty dominoes, dotty dice and dotty ladybirds!

lambs Looking for lamb

That's Not a Daffodil

It was wonderful this week to welcome back all the Robins and to see them having fun learning and playing together. We read a story called ‘That’s not a daffodil’ in which Tom is given a bulb to plant by a neighbour but doesn’t believe it will grow into a daffodil. Robins looked carefully at a variety of flowering spring bulbs to identify similarities and differences before exploring the school environment for signs of Spring and planting allium bulbs of their own to grow. On our adventure walk we found lots of flowers to identify as well as exploring the woods on Gretton Hill where we found a fallen tree that was brilliant for climbing and creating dens. The story ‘Six dinner Sid’ inspired maths investigations around ways to make 6 and at Forest School we hunted for minibeasts with 6 legs but mostly found worms with none!

IMG 6451

The Gingerbread Man

‘Run, run as fast as you can’ sang the Gingerbread Man as Robins made sure the delicious biscuits they baked this week didn’t run off before they could enjoy them. Feet first seemed to be the favourite way to eat them! Robins drew some fantastic story maps to show the sequence of events and labelled the characters, the settings and added speech bubbles. Some of the Robins constructed bridges to help save the Gingerbread Man from the sly fox so he didn’t get gobbled up, or made foil boats to help him cross the river. In Maths we have practised sharing fairly although I’m not sure how much sharing of gingerbread biscuits went on!

Some of Robins’ Gingerbread Man story maps:

Jack map

Louis map2