Maths in Robins

Robins have been working hard on ‘teen’ numbers this week. Mrs Eliot was very impressed with how focussed they were on their independent activities. They were very keen to do them again the next day! Super counting – well done Robins!

IMG 5722IMG 5723


Having missed out on a dress rehearsal on Monday, Robins still rose to the occasion for their Nativity
play on Tuesday. They sung beautifully, remembered their parts and looked fantastic in their
costumes. We finished the week with a fun Friday full of fairy tale themed activities for our dressup day- thank you parents for all your efforts!
Robins were joined on stage by their Big Friends for 'Love Shone Down'


Robins' assembly

Robins have been getting very festive this week practising hard for their Nativity play. They
performed some of their songs beautifully to the school in assembly and shared their Christmas
'Away in a Manger' by candle light!


Shape hunting

Robins taste tested the Three Bears' porridge this week. It wasn't popular with everyone but the
combination of raisins, honey and sprinkle toppings certainly went down a treat! We went shape
hunting around school in our Maths to find squares and rectangles and were amazed at how many we