Leaf Man

Robins were inspired to get creative and make their own collages using natural objects from our Autumn collection after enjoying the beautiful pictures in ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert – conkers make the best goggly eyes! We continued our appreciation of the Autumn season on our adventure walk which led us to the playing fields where the children went leaf hunting. There were so many fallen apples that the children lined them up to practise their counting skills then made a game rolling them down the slide to see whose would roll the furthest. Robins have begun learning letter sounds this week and using their whiteboard pens to practise their froggy fingers hold to write the letter shapes. Mrs Lacey has used her smiley face stamper in lots of sound books for those children who also had a go at home – well done to all those budding writers! Their first full week has given Robins a host of new experiences including PE, French, baking, playing percussion instruments and even a trip to the Literature Festival – I think they deserve a rest this weekend ready for plenty more fun and learning next week!

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Robins compared fiction and non-fiction books this week in English and learnt many interesting facts about the planets, the moon and the sun. Barney informed us that the sun is ‘’even hotter than an oven’’! The children got creative using oil pastels to mix warmer and cooler colours to draw the different planets then had some messy fun with shaving foam and paint to print the swirling patterns of a planet’s surface.

In Maths we have been sorting and counting bears and buttons. The books ‘Where’s My Teddy’ by Jez Alborough and ‘The Button Box’ by Margarette Reid enouraged the children to match and sort in different ways and discuss what was the same and what was differenta about the collections of objects.

Robins finished the week by making a collection of their own - a bumper crop of conkers! Robins made rubbings of the horse chestnut tree as well as the bark of other trees at Forest School as they learnt about the different species that grow there.foam

Peace at Last

Robins listened to a story about poor Mr Bear who couldn’t get to sleep in ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy and talked about their favourite toy which they take to bed to help them sleep. The children practised their listening skills in phonics, tuning into environmental, instrumental and body sounds. In our Maths activities we enjoyed Numberblocks and discovered the ‘oneness’ of one. Archie R and I found out we have 61 teddy bears in the classroom –they stretched right across the classroom as we lined them up to count!

Big Friends are doing a fantastic job helping the new Robins settle into school and playing games with them at break time. They also came to visit the classroom this week to read with their Little Friends.

At Forest School we met Ozzie Owl who helped the children listen to the sounds around them. Some children chose to make mud paint to decorate the trees, some looked for bugs and found a newt while others tried to make a comfy bed for Mr Bear to sleep in.

IMG 7366

New Robins

Our new Robins certainly showed little sign of nerves as they got busy playing in their new classroom in their first week. Judging by the carnage at the end of the first morning it’s pretty safe to say they did a thorough job of discovering all the fun toys and activities on offer in Robins! They have quickly got to grips with new routines and have settled really well.

We have had some lively carpet times finding out about each other and our families, they have been good listeners during story times and we have discovered some really helpful tidy-uppers! Our first trip to Forest School was great fun and the children loved the opportunity to explore outdoors.

A very successful first week, well done Robins.

new robins 2