Christmas Play

I have had to award a lot of ‘good singing’ Dojo points to Robins this week for their efforts learning songs for our Nativity video. It was very exciting on Thursday to use some of the school’s brand new staging for the first time. Although it is not the same without a live audience we hope that you all enjoying watching it as much as the children have enjoyed dressing up, acting on stage and singing Christmas songs.

Christmas themed Maths activity

IMG 6085


Aliens Love Underpants

There has been a lot of giggling in Robins this week as we enjoyed the books ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and ‘Pants’ by Nick Sharratt as part of our English work. The children created their own aliens and made up names for them to practise their phonics like ‘Wobbly’ and ‘Snappy’. They also designed some very funky underpants which I’m sure the aliens would love to wear. In Maths the books ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and ‘Snail Trail’ helped us practise position words and we used programmable robots Bee Bots to practise giving directional instructions. Our Adventure Walk was a real mystery this week as we had no idea where we were going! The children took turns to pick direction arrows which guided our walk through the biggest puddle in the world…ever!

Robins looking at the Christmas tree in the entrance hall

!IMG 6060

Space and Shapes

This week Robins used non-fiction books and the internet to find out more about space. We learnt some interesting facts about the planets and stars as well as why we see the sun in the day and the moon at night. The children went on a shape walk around school to find circles and triangles as part of their Maths work which also extended to our adventure walk. We had a look at the shape of the windows on Christopher’s house and on the church and noticed many rooves and warning signs around the village are triangles. The children were fascinated by the ice in the playground on Thursday following such a cold night and even found some triangular pieces!