Fight and Flight

Another term has begun and we’ve had a great first week back getting our teeth into the new topic “Fight and Flight”. We started by looking at some of the major events of the 20th century including the two world wars, the moon landing and Britain’s first female Prime Minister - we sorted related photographs into those we felt were the oldest and which were the most recent. We found that black and white images tended to be the oldest ones but this wasn’t always the case. We also discussed the build up to the Second World War and looked at reasons for and against Britain declaring war on Germany. Elsewhere, in English we’ve been looking at instruction texts and we had a go at giving our own instructions to create a drawing both verbally and in writing. We discovered that giving instructions verbally is quite challenging and being able to put in a title, diagrams and other features is very helpful in delivering the instructions. In Maths we’ve been reading the clock and telling the time both digitally and in words. Mrs Fowler and I have both been impressed with the way the children have picked this up.




The tension was palpable in the hall on Thursday afternoon as we embarked on our third School Games Values tournament – this time in the inclusion sport of Boccia. It was a well fought tournament with team Teamwork coming out on top in the end – well done to them! Elsewhere, in Science with Mr Major Owls carried out more experiments linked to friction and in RE we looked at the Islamic faith and the 5 pillars of Islam. In our English work this week we began writing our own twisted versions of Fairy tales. There have been some very creative ideas such as The Billy Goats Gruff set in the big city and a poor defenceless wolf bullied by a menacing and frightful Little Red Riding Hood!

James aims his ball carefully in our class Boccia tournament.


The Pea and the Princess

You’ve heard of The Princess and the Pea but what about The Pea and the Princess?! This week in English we’ve been looking at variations of The Princess and the Pea story and understanding how authors can take traditional fairy tales and give them a twist either by changing the setting or writing the story from another person’s (or in this case a pea’s!) point of view. In Maths the Year 3s have been measuring and working out perimeters of different 2D shapes and the Year 4s have been developing their understanding of the relationship between fractions and decimal numbers. The Maths work also came in useful for our DT work this week as we started creating our own nets in order to build our own model Tudor houses. We’ve had lots of discussions about mind-set this week too and talked about how we feel when we perceive that we’ve failed. We’ve been encouraging the children to see a ‘fail’ as a First Attempt In Learning. With this in mind, we didn’t mind if our nets didn’t quite work out the first time round but made sure that we tried to look at where we could improve them on our subsequent attempts. A final highlight was our School Values Games tournament - a version of netball this time. There was a notable improvement throughout the tournament by all. Well done to Team Passion who were the overall winners.

Alfie, Morgan, Beth and Hugo working on their nets to build their Tudor houses



It’s been great to have the Owls all back together again this week and although I think we will all be feeling very tired by Friday afternoon we’ve had a good first week. On Tuesday we ditched our original plans for English in light of the exciting Winchcombe meteorite. We decided to research more about them and found some fascinating facts such as that they are not called a meteorite until they actually collide with Earth (in Space they are known as a meteoroid and as they enter our atmosphere they are known as a meteor) and that they are around 4.6 billion years old. In our Geography work, we looked at the development of Tewkesbury and the land use in different parts of the town using the online Digimap program. I’m sure a highlight of many of the Owls’ week though was our School Values Games dodgeball tournament which was very competitively contested and after an excellent fight back was won by Team Honesty.

George and Thomas researching about meteorites


Owl's' Art Work

We are going to run out of space on the walls of the classroom with the amount of fantastic art work we have collated this week. In our Foundation work, Owls finished off their Rachel Markwick inspired collages depicting a wide range of Gloucestershire’s landmarks, from lakes to prisons and docks to rolling hills. We also used the Gloucestershire landscape to give us inspiration for redesigning the County Council’s logo. We had some really interesting designs incorporating the beautiful Gloucestershire landscape as well as one showing some muddy walking boots and another showing a Gloucester Old Spot pig! World Book Day has been stretched out into a week of book related activities. We’ve written and illustrated poems, redesigned book covers, written stories mixing up characters from different books and even had time to discuss who our favourite villainous characters are!

Photo below: Top left: Talia’s collage of Gloucester Docks. Bottom left: Thomas’ collage of Gloucester Prison. Right: Paris’ ‘Honeycorn’ designed as part of the Sarah McIntyre workshop we enjoyed on World Book Day

owl art2