Measuring up the playground

Owls applied what they had learnt about area and perimiter last week to measure up the playground. We measured the length of the playground as roughly 32 metres and the width was 26 metres. From this we were able to calculate the perimiterby multiplying the length and width by 2 and then adding the totals (116 metres). Some of us clculated the area also by multiplying 32 x 26 which gave us an area of 832 metres squared. It sounds a lot but doesn't feel like it when there are 100 children running round on it. Some of us also calculated the space Kingfishers classroom took off this total. 


Bell Boating

On Friday, Owls and Eagles had their Bell Boating practise day. We travelled to Fladbury, inbetween Evesham and Pershore, and took a trip down the River Avon. We split into six different crews and spent the morning getting used to the boats and refining our paddling technique. We passed through a lock which was great fun and then enjoyed singing a few songs as we made our way downstream, before turning round to head back for lunch. 

In the afternoon, we headed upstream and enjoyed practising a few races in preparation for the upcoming regatta. Everyone had a fantastic day and we managed (mostly) to stay relatively dry!


Chocolate fractions!

Owls have been doing really well with their work on fractions and just to re-enforce that fractions are very useful we split a chocolate bar up. The children had to work hard to spot equivalent fractions and answer questions about which fractions were bigger. 

The children have produced some excellent work comparing two fractions using diagrams. We have not always found it the easiest topic in our maths but have persevered and it was worth it for the chocolate. In the end we got 1/30 of a piece each!






Investigating plant growth

Owls have planned and begun a science investigation to see what conditions best suit plants. Over the next few weeks we will monitor our plants to see how they do in different conditions such as with no water, no sunlight, no air or cramped together.



How many triangles?

zzIMG 0054

IMG 00551IMG 0057

At Forest School this week we were challenged to use nine sticks of similar lengths to create as many triangles as we could! The record was 14!