Expert Navigators!

Owls have been training up as expert navigators this week as we honed our map reading skills. This included learning about four and six figure grid references, learning some of the symbols on OS maps and creating our own routes round Gloucestershire, some of which Mr Bridges has promised to cycle! In our English, we’ve learnt how to add a variety of fronted adverbials to our sentences and we’ve certainly been impressed with the creativity shown by the children. The daily register activities such as ‘answer with an adjective’ have proved popular too. We continue to be hugely impressed by the efforts of the children in and out of school - well done everyone!

Some of Morgan’s excellent fronted adverbial sentences


Viking Portraits

Another busy week in Owls has seen us learning about the different muscles in our bodies and how they work together in antagonistic pairs. We built model arms to demonstrate how the bicep and tricep muscles contract and relax when we move our arms and Mr Major took the children for a practical session, where we explored which muscles are used in different exercises.

In our English work we began writing our own stories based on Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘Coming Home’. We’ve also enjoyed completing our art work and recording different parts of the story which will be shown in our class Christmas production due out on the website next week. In Maths we have had a couple of assessments to do this week but it has been really pleasing to see all of the children’s progress across the term.

Our Viking themed topic board with the children’s charcoal Viking portraits.


Coming Home

Whilst you’re all cosy in your homes this winter spare a thought for migrating Scandinavian robins who make the perilous journey across the North Sea each year in search of warmer climes. This is the background to our new class book ‘Coming Home’ by Michael Morpurgo, which tells the tale of a robin’s journey home. We’ve been practising performing the story and talked about the way a story is read is important to our enjoyment and understanding. The children have also been creating art work which accompanies the story and we’ve been really impressed with their patient approach.

In our Science, we have been learning about the functions of the human skeleton and also were learning some of the more scientific names for our bones including learning why the funny bone is named as such!

story reading

Netball Games

No Pens (or pencils) Wednesday proved very popular this week with a range of activities which we all enjoyed. Our English session focussed on ‘show don’t tell’ with the idea being that it is sometimes better to describe our characters’ facial expressions, body language or voices rather than to simply say how they were feeling. We played games where we had to act out different emotions and another where we had to say the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty in a variety of different ways. In the Maths activity we used our knowledge of multiplication and division to complete puzzles and a key learning point for some of us, was how useful writing down numbers is rather than trying to keep everything in our heads.

In the afternoon, we re-enacted the discovery of the buried Anglo Saxon ship at Sutton Hoo. I was really impressed with how much the children got into character.

Elsewhere, in Science we sorted animals into vertebrates and invertebrates and in PE have been really developing our understanding of passing to create space in netball themed games.

owls netball


Our topic board is now adorned with hordes of angry Vikings which Owls have been busy creating. We started by taking photos of our faces with a neutral and then angry expression. We then compared these and examined the changes to our faces. We sketched our faces in each expression whilst also concentrating on the shapes and positioning of features on our faces. We finally used charcoal to transform ourselves into fierce looking Vikings, complete with scars, scowls and even some beards! In our English this week, we have started creating our own dragons to write about in our nonchronological reports. We have been really impressed with the creativity with dragons such as a night dragon, ice dragon and even a tomato ketchup dragon!

owl art