Pixel Art

Owls have been working incredibly hard to master some difficult grammatical concepts this week with our work on singular and possessive apostrophes. This is a notoriously complicated skill to master but we’ve been really impressed with the amount of concentration which has been shown and we are definitely on our way to getting it! Despite a very positive attitude shown to this grammar work, I think most of us have enjoyed some of our foundation subjects this week. We combined History and Geography on Monday by looking at a fascinating video of Winchcombe from 1939, as well as comparing modern day local maps to ones from as far back as 1890! We observed many changes from these times; there was no railway line in 1890 and the town of Winchcombe was much smaller and spelt differently (Winchcomb). However, there were many things that also remained unchanged from these times. Our computing work on Tuesday saw us having a practice at making digital art work, and in French the children competed against me (online) and Mrs Eliot (in class) in a spin the wheel and name the French number game! On Friday we will be starting our collages of Gloucestershire landscapes, so we look forward to sharing those with you in due course.

Pixil art

Getting Creative

It’s been a creative week in Owls and despite how tired I’m sure many of the children are feeling, both in and out of school, they’re risen to the challenge again and produced some fantastic work. This week we designed and created our own local food product. The children had to pick a product which could be made with locally sourced ingredients, create a name and logo, market it, design and make the packaging as well as making the product! We’ve been impressed with the fantastic range of ideas the children have come up with; from picnics in a box, frozen yoghurts and jams to name just a few. The children have also been putting the work in on writing up their Jack and the Beanstalk stories. Judging from what we’ve seen so far, we’re going to have some truly excellent books which I hope at a later date we can share with other members of the school.

Talia and Morgan

Geography Features

Owls have continued to impress with their hardworking attitude this week in another packed week. Our foundation work has seen us programming in our computing lesson. The Minecraft activity proved very popular, as did the dance studio and I particularly enjoyed seeing Rowan’s dancing sloth and bears. Lots of the Owls used their daily exercise as an opportunity to get out and about looking for physical and human geographical features. They recorded these in various ways such as annotated photos (Ines, Finn and George). Other activities included creating classification keys for local woodland wildlife and giving directions around town in French. In our English work, the children have been working exceptionally hard on revamping a very basic version of Jack and the Beanstalk and turning it into epic adventure stories. We also celebrated Children’s Mental Health week by creating some fantastic posters celebrating our strengths, hobbies, favourite people and places. It was lovely seeing the wide range of hobbies and interests and the positive attitude our children have.

Sarah and George’s work on looking at physical and human geographical features.

Sarah and George

Landscape Sculptures

Mrs Fowler and I have been hugely impressed by the excellent persuasive letters and articles Owls have been producing this week. We allowed children to choose the issue they wrote about and it’s been fantastic to see how much they clearly care about a wide range of issues, particularly to do with the environment. We have had letters to Mr Woolston, government departments and even the Prime Minister! We also studied the topography of Gloucestershire, noticing how Tewkesbury and Gloucester are particularly vulnerable to flooding. The children created their own sculptures of the landscape in snow, Lego and play dough amongst others. The creativity didn’t stop there with some fantastic art work of local buildings - I was certainly impressed by the ones I saw in school and the home learners’ submissions were of a very high standard too.

James’ ice sculpture showing the topography of Gloucestershire




A recent daily register task for Owls asked what career everyone would like in the future. Judging from some of the superb TV, radio and poster adverts I received last Friday, we have many future marketing gurus amongst us! Brothers and sisters (Rowan and Morgan) and even pets (George and Sarah) also played a starring role in the productions. We even had some of the bloopers included! Owls have continued to impress this week both in and out of school. We’ve worked on persuasive techniques in English, bar models and short division in Maths and a variety of other subjects. Beth created an awesome 3D drawing of a cube using her programming skills and James created an excellent poster showing the different types of settlement. Well done all of you - another great week!

RowanRowan’s excellent poster demonstrating different settlement types.