Her Majesty

This week in Owls has seen us researching information to create a timeline of the Queen’s life. We
were interested to learn that she was never originally in line to be Queen and that her wedding was
broadcast to over 200 million people around the world.
Elsewhere, in Geography we learnt about different types of settlement and in Science we carried out
an investigation into the effect of different drinks on our teeth.

Practising our word processing skills to write about the Queen and the upcoming Jubilee



After a relaxing Bank Holiday Weekend, we started our week back in the swimming pool. We have
again been really impressed with the progress the children are making.
Elsewhere, we started to look at spreadsheets in our computing work and used them to create times
table games and in our English work we researched different European countries to write nonchronological reports.

Using a spreadsheet to play Battleships!



It has been an action packed first week back in Owls with lots of varied activities going on. On
Tuesday, we had our first swimming session at Evesham and Mr Major, Mrs Eliot and myself were
hugely impressed with the children’s behaviour and their efforts in the pool.
Back at school, we had an interesting Science lesson all about the digestive system and saw the
process in action through using a homemade digestive system consisting of a tube for the oesophagus,
rights for the small intestine and a sock a land a t-towel for the large intestine. Despite a few giggles
as we made our ‘poo’, the children worked hard and became digestive system experts!
In English, we started looking at European non- chronological reports and in Maths we’ve looked at
decimals and money.

Our model digestive system

digetive system

River Isbourne

Despite our rather disrupted week with absences, it has still been a good week for Owls, the
highlight being our class walk on Monday to locate the source of the River Isbourne. Whilst it was a
little chilly at the drop off and muddy in places, the weather was kind and we ended up having a
fantastic day. It was interesting to see for real some of the different features of river systems we
also developed our map reading skills, successfully navigating our way home. All in all, the children
walked around 6 miles or as Jack recorded it, over 20,000 steps! There were some tired legs but
smiling faces at the end and we were very proud of the children's efforts.
Elsewhere, we have been completing our animal biographies and have spent some time programming as
well as developing our multiplication skills becoming 'Times Tables Rockstars'.
Owls' expedition to find the source of the River Isbourne.isbourne

Recommended Reads

What a wonderful array of characters we gathered in Owls class on Thursday for World Book Day.
We were so impressed with the fantastic effort put in - thank you parents!
We started the day by sharing our favourite books with Kingfishers class, before making posters
showcasing our favourite books and authors for a special ‘Recommended Reads’ display in our book
corner. Our Maths was also related to World Book Day, looking at two fraction themed stories with
one group reducing ‘disguised fractions’ to find a stolen 5/9 fraction and another group creating
different fractions out of play dough and exploring creating some equivalent fractions.
Elsewhere this week, in Science, we visited Forest School to conduct a wildlife survey of the habitat
and in RHE we considered feelings of bereavement in relation to pets, but also celebrated the many
positives our furry friends can bring to our lives.
Having fun with our World Book Day costumes and activities.WBD