Heading Home

Owls are fully getting back into the swing of things and have had another busy week! We’ve edited and written up our final versions of our ‘Heading Home’ poems. We had a go at drawing our own borders (tricky!) and how to present our poems neatly using guide lines.

At Forest School, we experimented with creating shadow drawings using charcoal and played a very fun Game called ‘Invasion’ where a few Anglo Saxon kings had to defend their home from a mob of angry and fierce looking Viking invaders! We’ve also been hard at work on our place value work in Maths and even squeezed in designing and decorating our own personalised pencil cases. No wonder we’re all feeling a bit tired!

Writing in runes

Owls thoroughly enjoyed their first trip up to Forest School this year. We explored our extended territory and the children enjoyed hunting for Viking runes hidden around the site which they used to decode a secret message. We also had the opportunity to write our own names in runes using crushed blackberries as our ink!

Back in class, the children have been using a thesaurus to search for exciting vocabulary to use in our ‘Heading Home’ poems. We’ve been very impressed with their creative ideas. In our Maths work we looked at how to represent numbers in different ways.




It’s fantastic to have a full class again and so lovely to see some familiar faces again after a long time off! We have been really impressed with the way the children have settled back in, particularly our new Year 3s.

In our first few days we have been thinking about our school and what it means to us. On Thursday, we looked back at what the school might have been like when it first began in 1862 (when children were actually taught at the village school as the school building wasn’t built until 30 years later. We compared some of the rules and attitudes from that time to the present day and decided that we preferred our current ‘Golden Rules’ which are far more positive and respectful to children and adults alike!

In the afternoons we have been learning different techniques for creating interesting lines and marks and have been creating our own Owls artwork which we hope to display. On behalf of Mrs Fowler and myself, I’d also like to say a huge thank you for the generous gifts we received at the end of last summer.

working owls


We were very proud of Owls’ efforts in their class assembly this week. Given how busy we are with our various activities - we don’t always get loads of time to practise so the children did very well. This week we have been finishing off our e-books about different rivers of the world and enjoyed sharing them on the big screen in the classroom. We have also been using Turtle Logo to learn programming skills and were tasked with creating different geometric shapes. On World Book Day on Thursday, we enjoyed sharing and discussing our favourite books and started to read ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl, so apologies to mums if your child is checking you for the signs of being a witch!!

IMG 0661a

Teamwork to solve fraction problems.

Police Support Officers

Owls had a visit from two Police Community Support Officers on Wednesday to talk to us all about safely using the internet. Although we were very impressed with the children’s existing knowledge around this area, there were many areas which made us reflect on times when we need to be careful about what we share on line. The children considered different scenarios and debated whether they were high, medium or low risk. We finished with some questions about policing and a chance to try on some of the kit. We now have many aspiring police officers amongst the class!

Elsewhere, we have been reading the story of Captain Cook and using compass directions to plot a route for him around the world. We are becoming more familiar with the names of all of the continents and where the equator is located.police