We were all transported back to the 1940s on Wednesday and experienced what it must have been like to be a World War 2 evacuee. Before the day, we had imagined what it would be like to leave our homes and families behind and were shocked by how little children would have been able to take with them. We also made ID cards to take with us on the day to stop us from becoming lost. On the day itself we were met by Farmer Wells who escorted us from our imaginary London homes out to the countryside where we would be safer. Along the way we had many adventures including running into a suspected German spy on the train, joining a firefighting party to learn how to deal with incendiary bombs and experiencing a bombing raid from the safety of the shelter. Another highlight was getting to meet some real evacuees who told us of their experiences. One of them ended up going to Gretton School himself and liked it so much he stayed in the area! We all had a fantastic day and I know Winchcombe railway and the adults were very impressed by the children’s knowledge, questions and general behaviour. Elsewhere, we’ve been reading and doing some work around ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo and in Maths have been learning about coordinates, different types of angles and the properties of 3D shapes.



It’s been a week of descriptions and poetry this week in Owls as we finished off our descriptive writing about spending a night in the Anderson shelter before tackling some different forms of poetry. We’ve looked at limericks and cinquains, which required us to pay close attention to the number of syllables in each line as well as tackling free verse where there really are no rules (apart from capital letters to start each line!). Given that we only had one lesson on each the children have written some fantastic pieces of poetry and showed great enthusiasm for each. On Friday, we will choose our favourite poem for the week, develop and improve it before deciding how to present it before it takes its place in our class book of poems. This week we were welcomed three Eagles into the class; Lily-Mae, Jennifer and Mckenzii. They have all been fantastic and helped out in a few Maths lessons and Lily-Mae told us all about the Phillipines which we all decided would be a great place to visit! In Maths we’ve continued to work on geometry, looking at the patterns of symmetry in regular polygons and also tried our hands at creating some tessellations. George’s Limerick:

There was once an old man from York,

Who was made entirely from pork.

He went down stairs,

To see some bears,

And they ate him up like a hawk!

Owls pulling some funny faces out in the sunshine at break time

funny faces

Operation Room

This week, having previously covered the build up to the Battle of Britain, we learnt about the event itself and the remarkable courage shown by ‘The few’ to hold off the invasion. One of the highlights was playing the Operation Room Game where we developed an understanding of the tactics of the battle and the German strategy to take out the British airfields. In our swimming, the children have started working towards different attainment badges and as ever the progress continues to impress us all. In English we watched a virtual reality video of a bombing raid from inside an Anderson shelter and have begun planning some descriptive writing around this. We were amazed to see how much the ground shook when nearby bombs landed. In our Maths work we’ve started to work on geometry, exploring different angles and other properties of shapes.

An excerpt from Jack’s excellent spelling story:

Never drive with a television on!

Once upon a time there was an enormous explosion involving a strange television. It was dangerous and caused confusion as it led to a collision in the street involving two cars. The collision happened on a disastrous stormy night in January but could easily have been in February or March. One car had two televisions in it! One television had a joyous show playing with a famous actor Jim Carey. The other had a huge screen playing a video of a poisonous snake attacking a human being, it appeared to be ravenous. The person being eaten was adventurous but hadn’t expected to be eaten by a snake. He hadn’t even arranged his pension! The people driving the cars were both women. One woman said that the other driver had crashed into her on numerous occasions and that there had then been a surprise explosion. The other woman said it wasn’t her fault, it was just that the snake on the television had distracted her and that normally she was a fabulous driver.

George and Jasper engaged in combat in our Operations Room Game


Fight them on the beaches

As you may know, we have a new reading challenge in Owls with the children totalling up the number of pages read in completed books. Well done to the following children who have achieved various awards: Platinum Award: Finley, Oscar, Ines, Talia and Rowan Gold Award: Beatrice, Rubylee and Beth Bronze Award: George I know others are on their way towards awards too and will be mentioned in the coming weeks. The ballot papers were being waved in earnest in Owls this week as we wrote and read out our own versions of the ‘Fight them on the beaches’ speech. Backed by the music of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ the children read their speeches with great enthusiasm and passion. Earlier, in the week, we learned about the heroic rescue of the troops at Dunkirk but reflected that it was a success in terms of rescuing the troops but also a defeat. We looked at the numbers and compared them to the number of children in school - for every one child in our school, over 3000 soldiers were rescued! In other areas, in English we’ve been designing our own machines to help people and we’re using this to plan and write explanations about how they work. I’m looking out for Rubylee’s ‘Baby changer’ machine of the future - a machine which helps busy parents with looking after their babies! In Maths we’ve been tackling worded problems, working out which operations to use and when. Swimming is also going very well with huge progress being made with some of us swimming to the bottom of the pool to retrieve hoops and others developing their different strokes as well as learning how to jump in safely.

Beauford and Josiah delivering their speeches!


The Blitz

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in school four days this week given the number of different activities we’ve experienced! We’ve spent a couple of afternoons creating Blitz silhouette paintings and exploring the technique of creating blended washes to give the effect of the fire illuminated skies. Whilst we were doing this, we also heard the sound of the air raid siren going off and had to dive to safety under the desks to avoid an air raid! Once that was finished, we were able to lift our spirits with some music from the era including Glenn Miller and the old classic ‘Run Rabbit Run’. Elsewhere, we’ve also been very active with rounders and swimming. It’s been fantastic to see just how much progress the children have made in just two sessions and it has become a firm favourite activity of our week. In English, we’ve been looking at the difference between instructions and explanations which we’ve found a challenge but are getting there with. In Maths, we’ve been revisiting written methods across the four operations and have been really impressed with the children’s confidence with this.

blitzHugo and Morgan working hard on their Blitz silhouette artwork.