Fractions in Owls

Owls have been working hard on Fractions and Decimals.

Having worked on them for the second time this year, they had some fun cementing their learning by working on problems using Duplo. It was great fun and very thought provoking for the Year 3s.

Meanwhile the Year 4s worked on Ipads, before moving on to fraction and Decimal Dominoes. It was a race to finish.


IMG 4994IMG 4995IMG 4999IMG 5002IMG 5003IMG 5004

Winter Wonderland

Owls have very much enjoyed the playground being turned into a ‘winter wonderland’ this week and it
has been lovely seeing them playing together so nicely. We were also practising hard though for the
Carol service on Thursday which they all contributed to brilliantly. A big thank you to all parents for
attending too to make it a really special event despite not being able to make it to the church.


Measuring shadows

Having studied the Christmas story ‘Coming Home’ by Michael Morpurgo over the past week, Owls
started writing their own poetic narratives of their own perilous journeys home. We were really
impressed with their creative ideas.
Elsewhere, we have been practising using the glockenspiels for our upcoming service next Thursday
(we hope Owls’ parents can join us) and in Science investigated shadows, creating shadow puppets for
a special performance in our shadow theatre next week.
Picture: Measuring the lengths of shadows in Science


Testing materials

We dimmed the lights in the classroom this week and enjoyed using torches to explore how light
travels in a straight line as well as testing whether different materials were opaque, transparent or
Elsewhere, we held a highly competitive dodgeball tournament and enjoyed inviting Mrs Holt into our
class to explore some different ways of looking at multiplication and division.
Testing different materials to classify them as opaque, translucent or transparent.


Report writing

We've been really proud of Owls this week for numerous reasons! The children gave a presentation of
their work in our class assembly on Wednesday and all of them contributed with clear reading and an
enthusiastic performance of our song 'Viking Rock'.
On Thursday, we also made some excellent progress in Maths with understanding part-whole models
and some very tricky addition and subtraction problems.
Well done everyone!
Owls working hard on editing their non-chronological reports