Clay Monsters

Forest School on Wednesday saw Owls being tigers or humans in an exciting new game, making clay monsters based on the ones they have been writing stories about in English and making our very own Stone Age necklaces and bracelets. Whilst enjoying our hot chocolates we also listened to another chapter of ‘The Lost Bear’ (our Literature Festival book) and learnt a new word from the Norwegian language ‘friluftsliv’ which means a love of the outdoors which seemed very appropriate given that we read about it at Forest School! Elsewhere, we’ve discussed the advantages of, and had a go at word processing, creating fact files about the Neolithic village of Skyla Brae. In Maths, we have been learning some of the basics rules of Roman Numerals and discovered that our own number system is much more helpful in helping us add or subtract numbers. We also learnt how to accurately sketch apples and look forward to displaying our excellent work at Gretton Apple Rock!

Owls FS

Skara Brae

It’s been good to have most of the Owls back this week and we’ve had a busy time investigating the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae which was first discovered in 1850. There has been a lot of discussion about the site, particularly focussed on why the inhabitants might have deserted the site. We even used Google Earth to find it and found the settlement was clearly visible in the aerial photographs. 

At Forest School this week, we became predators trying to find our dinner, practised our throwing skills to see how hard it would have been to hunt with a spear and made anatomically accurate skeletons using natural materials! 

Elsewhere, we’ve started planning our own Stone Age stories in English, have been discovering more about Place Value in Maths and improving our Football skills in PE. FS montage

Belas Knap

It was a quieter start to the week in Owls with quite a few children off but we enjoyed some interesting history lessons, first deciding what we would do to survive in the Stone Age and then becoming archaeologists by completing puzzles to reveal different Stone Age artefacts. 


How many Owls are the same length as the long barrow?!

Thankfully we had most children back on Wednesday for our walk up to Belas Knap. We were blessed with glorious weather and had a great time walking up to the Neolithic burial site which is no re than 5,000 years old! On the way up we created Stone Age art using natural materials and then when we arrived we measured the long narrow by lining ourselves up head to toe! (If you’re interested it is 30 Owls long!!!). There were some tired legs by the end of the walk but the children did fantastically well, walking about 6 1/2 miles! Particular credit to those that played rugby afterwards at tag rugby club! 

walk 2

Times Tables Rock Stars

The highlight of Owls’ week would I’m sure be Wednesday this week where the Year 3s were introduced to Times Table Rock Stars, we had our first Forest School session followed by getting to handle and investigate meteorites! 

We sadly didn’t have Mrs Wycherley for Forest School this week but made the most of it with a walk up into the woods to do some foraging for natural materials and then making nature hangings inspired by one Sarah had brought in to show us. 

At one point Mr Bridges thought we didn’t have any scissors to cut our string, but we thought about what people in the Stone Age would do and found that a sharp stone could act as a good blade. Thankfully, the ever reliable Mrs Fowler had actually got some scissors and we were able to speed the process up! Not everyone managed to finish so there may be a few which need adding to at home but the completed ones we did get looked great! 

We also got started with our times tables this week and learnt more about staying safe online and how to use search engines effectively. 


The Stone Age

Owls’ Stone Age timeline on the playground and our colourful ‘Things which make us happy.’ kites. 

Our new Owls have settled in fantastically well and we’ve had a great first week back. We’ve read two short books, ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ by Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers and ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies. We compared these two texts and found they shared the same theme of plants being used to cheer up and bring colour to drab surroundings. We have used this as inspiration to write about our own ‘Secret Garden’, another story we have been listening to! 

Elsewhere, we have started work on our new topic and have discovered just how long a period the Stone Age was and how long ago it was compared to much of the comparatively modern history we have learned about up until now. We created a 20 metre timeline on the playground which represented the 200,000 years since modern humans have been around. Based upon this line, all the history we have studied before, fits into just 20cm and our own lives (the children’s), represented less than one millimetre of the line!