Enterprise Day Part 2

The Enterprise Day was amazing – the children (and staff!) worked so hard all day to prepare games, crafts and food for parents and siblings to enjoy after school. They really were creative, innovative and tenacious! We raised £225 which is incredible. Half of the money is going to a charity chosen by the pupils and the other half towards our playground development. Thank you so much to the teachers who let go of their classrooms for the day (especially poor Mrs Holt who was left with a very dirty classroom and kitchen to clear up!) to allow the children to have this fantastic opportunity. It really did make us all feel grateful to be part of Gretton as we enjoyed the fun, sun and games! See below the (sometimes messy) fun we had with Mrs Kelly even scoring a goal in heels!

enterprise 8


enterprise 5


enterprise 6 1


enterprise 4


enterprise 7


enterprise 3


enterprise 1


enterprise 2