The Eagles have landed (at Kingswood!)

Eagles Residential

It was so lovely to go and visit the Eagles at Kingswood on Tuesday and despite a three hour drive there (awful traffic and roadworks) seeing how much of a fantastic time they were having made it absolutely worth it! There was so much going on - quad biking, fencing and rock climbing to name a few but my absolute favourite was 'Nightline'. Ask your children about it on their return but I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in years! Unfortunately though my choice of white jeans proved a very poor idea and no amount of 'Vanish' can remove what the children did to me!


Mrs Holt, Mr Cruse and Mr Major are also having a great time and they have said how well the children are conducting themselves - showing great friendship, support and compassion to each other. They are really proud of them.


It is a fabulous opportunity for our pupils and one that is only possible through the commitment of our teachers so a huge thank you to them.

Kingswood 1       

kingswood 2

kingswood 3

kingswood 4


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