Meet our new Student Council!

Student Council representatives have been voted for in classes this term and six children from the Eagles did presentations to the whole school for the chance to be the Chairperson.; the children elected Issy.

Issy and Reuben, the Y6 representative carried out their first duty last week by meeting with the ‘President’ and ‘Vice-President’ of Winchcombe Secondary School’s Student Council. They met to plan some joint activities over the next year. The first will be during ‘Anti-Bullying’ week, which they hope to give a more positive slant to this year by focussing on friendship, co-operation and tolerance.

We had our first whole school meeting this week (where children from Years 1-6 are split and assigned to a member of staff ) where we discussed our IT, PE and Sport provision; the pupils gave us some great ideas!

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