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Gretton vs Elmley Castle – Sixways Stadium Feb 2nd 2013

Report by proud parent Scott Jameson

A glorious sunny afternoon marked not only a welcome change to the seasons’ weather but more importantly, provided the halo for the encounter that was to take place…..

Whilst the minor matters of England/Scotland and Warriors vs Saracens were also being played out that afternoon, the 12,000 strong crowd at Sixways were only there to see the highlight that was - Red vs Green, Worcs vs Glos the mighty clash of Gretton versus Elmley.

Charlie G stood tall, “Robshaw-esque” as he led the Gretton squad onto the hallowed, if not slightly soggy turf. The crowd roared (well the 40+ Gretton contingent did) and the gladiatorial adversaries faced off… no time for anthems or fireworks here, the game awaited.

A cheeky glance to the TV cameramen (by the ref!), a shrill whistle, and Alex J tapped and went. The next 10 minutes were awesome - hips swayed, passes flew left and right out of the hands; like missiles to be gleefully caught by the recipient and the thunder of feet followed. Tags flew like confetti to be swiftly trodden into the mud, no quarter was given this was high stakes.

Pressed hard by Elmley Gretton went 1-0 down.. They would not be undone, the re-start from Polly, soft hands to Megan, flighted pass to George and the ‘Greet Flyer’ was haring down the wing.. Play switched, came left and in front of the home support Alex J dropped a shoulder and a pass outside, for Harry G to smash over the line. One for the album Dad – they were back in the game!

Elmley wouldn’t be undone and brought the game back hard - taking a 3-1 lead but with Harry D in fine form careering down the line like a gazelle, diminutive Alex B was on hand to drop into the pocket and carry over for a try back in Gretton’s favour..

The last 2 minutes were rapturous – Toby J came so close, swinging his hips, with an offload to Captain Charlie, a blonde blurr and the ball flicked wide again to the left and a score between the virtual posts – the whistle went, the crowd went wild and Gretton left the pitch smiling.. proud, all 10 of them and rightly so..

So as the sun set over the West stand, parents and players reflected on an inspiring day. The result, well it’s not so important.. the experience to play rugby on a premiership pitch with your folks and family in the stands… priceless..

Twickenham next stop….. we just await the call!



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