Friendship Friday Displays

During Friendship Friday children from across the classes come together in their Houses to work on a shared project. Inspiration came from a book of untranslatable words from different languages. Each House explored the meaning of a different word.FF

Gὅkotta- a Swedish word meaning to wake up in the morning so you can go outside to hear the first birds singing.


Retrouvailles- a French word meaning the happiness of being reunited with someone after a long time apart.


Verschlimmbesserung-a German word meaning a supposed improvement that makes things worse.

Winchcombe Meteorite


Last Wednesday afternoon we were lucky enough to be paid a visit by Rob and Cathryn Wilcock, on whose driveway the now famous Winchcombe Meteorite landed back in March. They brought with them a team from the Natural History Museum who taught us all about meteorites answering questions such as how old they are (4.6 billion years!) and where it came from (the asteroid belt which is a mere 180million km away).

After our assembly, Owls and Eagles continued with workshops where they got to handle some meteorites and test their magnetism. It was a brilliant visit and I know the Wilcocks and the team at the Natural History Museum were really impressed with the children’s listening and their great questions.


Some of Owls class test a meteorite to check if it is magnetic. 

Welcome Back

It has been wonderful to feel a sense of normality returning to school this term - playing altogether in the playground, celebrating each other's achievements in whole school assemblies, participating in after school clubs and a return to hot school dinners.

IMG 7386

Children who completed the Library reading challenge 'Wild World Heroes'

IMG 2889

Hot school dinners

IMG 2903

Playtimes together again

IMG 7401

Netball club

IMG 7398

Lego club