Gretton Tower

Following hard on the heels of last week's Harvest Assembly, this week saw Kingfishers presentation of poems written after our experiences at The Cheltenham Literature Festival. It was so lovely for the children to see so many of you taking time to watch them. Some were a little nervous of using the microphone - but we hoped it would enhance their speaking, so their wonderful poems could be heard. We went for a little wander through the village on Tuesday, to explore the Gretton Tower. It really is a little gem hidden away amongst the thatched cottages. It was really interesting finding out about the history of the tower, and linking the story of the bell to those on the children's sweatshirts. We came back to school, and tried to draw what we had seen, remembering to use the line drawing skills we have been learning.

IMG 2663IMG 2663IMG 2668


Llamas and lemurs

We had a super time at the Literature Festival, thoroughly enjoying an outdoor experience of the 'Room on the Broom' story, and then listening to the poet Joshua Seigal. He certainly made the children laugh, and listen with his poems about llamas, dogs, and lemurs. The children have been inspired by what they have heard and are hoping to perform some of their own variations in our class assembly next Wednesday morning. They practised their public speaking in Church during our Harvest Assembly. Mrs Fisher and I were very proud of the way they spoke, sang and sorted themselves into the requisite words and spaces. In Art, we have been finding out about the Sculptor Alexander Calder, who enjoys using shapes to make mobiles. Therefore, we had to have a go at making our own spiral mobiles - and they turned out rather well indeed!

IMG 2631IMG 2631

Kingfishers' Quiet Week!

It has been a much quieter few days in Kingfishers this week. We have been focusing on improving our writing in our Rapunzel booklets, before Owls came to visit to share them. Mr Woolston read a new version of the Goldilocks story to help the children understand about the issues there can be once things are posted on the Internet.  It produced a lot of interesting discussion. In science we were working on 'grouping' materials, which also was quite thought provoking: thinking of common links between assorted random items. We have been practising our spelling using the letters in 'Harvest' ready for next week's offering at Church, and, because it has been all about books this week we have really enjoyed hearing Michael Rosen telling some of his stories and poems. The children took part in the 'Big House Read', loving the opportunity to share stories with the older children in the school. A quiet week in Kingfishers!

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Senses and Sculptures

Braving the weather, Rapunzel set out into the garden, having been released from the tower by the handsome princes in Y2. She went to discover the sights, sounds and smells....somewhat enhanced by the diggers and drills from the roadworks! The discoveries were then used to assist the written work in English. This week we have been looking at the sculptures of Henry Moore - especially his 'King and Queen' sculpture. We then attempted to make the human form, using a variety of materials in the classroom. The children tried really hard to use 1 piece of dough, pulling and shaping it into a human, without breaking any off. In Science we attempted to make a piece of material waterproof - using wax - and then testing it with a small amount of water. Despite our best colouring with the wax crayons, the experiment showed us, that the layer needs to be much thicker than we could make it.

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