Congratulations to all who have survived this week’s activities – we have been very impressed with the quality of learning that is whizzing through the wires back to us. It has been lovely watching the videos of the home learners – their confidence is showing as is your competence! We would still reiterate that we are appreciating all that you are able to do, in these very tricky circumstances, and we recognise that sometimes the challenges you are facing are just too great. The children started off the week looking at an illustrator Rob; and having a go at drawing their own aliens. Subsequently they have been writing their own story, in stages, in order to develop the description of the aliens and the activities they are getting up to on the moon. There have been some fantastic efforts so far. Money, has been our maths topic – and very well done to you all for your perseverance with the learning. Our topic work has been varied – making alien sculptures, jars of happiness as well as sorting and collecting materials. There were some super astronaut creations, and some smashing explanations of what kit their astronauts had.


India’s Jar of Happiness


Jack’s Space suit

The Man on the Moon

A huge THANK YOU and WELL DONE to all in Kingfishers this week. We have been so pleased to see how many of your technological skills have developed over the last few months!! It has been a real pleasure to watch the videos, read the work and listen to the voice messages from the home learners. Those at school, have also worked extremely hard in a variety of settings, and have been very good about adapting to what is next…. The Man on the Moon – Bob, has been described, questioned and watched this week – and some children have been lucky enough to receive replies from him. Sometimes the airwaves are a bit busy – or the moon has disappeared, and so not all the messages have come through yet – but I’m sure they will! In maths the children have been learning about money – and we have learnt about bribery methods!! Our topic work has found us learning about the first Space missions, sorting materials and thinking about special things. We have also been learning about Sculptors – here are just 2 photos of our own Marc Quinn sculptures, out of the many posted – that give a flavour of what we were doing.IMG 62081hands1

Grumpy Sheep!

Much barely contained excitement this week as Kingfishers donned their costumes in order to bring the ‘Grumpy Sheep Nativity’ to life. Knowing that this year was going to be different, Mrs Eliot had had another of her ‘ideas’, and had thought that we could possibly film the story with the action taking place outside. Having learnt the songs, and practised the words, all that was needed was the camera, the lights, and the action! Mrs Marlow worked hard to get the costumes assigned to the characters, Mrs Fisher charged up the batteries on the ipad, and flexed her filming finger and the results will be available for viewing next week……..

We have finished our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic, and were able to answer most of the questions we thought of at the beginning. We have been enjoying different versions of the Christmas story, and have been answering some rather funny questions in a Christmas Quiz.

At our last Forest School session for this term, we were checking our mouse houses and making them comfortable for the next few weeks; using hack saws to cut canes for the very substantial Bug Hotel, and we enjoyed our hot chocolate round the campfire.


Samuel Pepys Diary

Kingfishers finished writing their Samuel Pepys diaries this week - they wrote them over the course of 5 days, which they were amazed to discover was how long it actually took before the Great Fire of London was finally put out! They also had great fun hot-seating the characters of Samuel Pepys and King Charles II to obtain eye witness accounts of the dreadful inferno and quizzing them about how London would be rebuilt afterwards. The Y1s drew posters to show what they thought London would look like and the Y2s answered a 'true or false' quiz about 1666 events and personalities. (They all knew that the new St Paul's Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and were not thrown off the scent by the cunning statement that it was designed by Sir Christopher 'Rowan' instead...!)

Samuel Pepys diarya