On Safari

Another term, another journey. This week has seen us jet off to the African plains. Mrs Marlow set the scene, going on safari for us. She was lucky to spot so many animals in the Masai Mara National Reserve (Cleeve section!) The children have been writing facts, improving verbs, writing lists and thinking of questions they may well get to ask the wanderer when she returns! (It’s more likely that they will have to answer their own questions, researching the answers themselves!) In Maths – there has been a lot of pasta! The Y1 children have been counting to 50, practising their numbers and their ‘grouping’ skills. The Y2s have been working on fractions – seems like a marvellous opportunity to share out cakes! Our topic work has seen us making binoculars, making sliding pictures, and finding out a little bit about getting to Africa and where Kenya is. It was fantastic to have another video sent in, inspired by Mrs Marlow, of Will searching the sofa plains of Gretton, with binoculars and hat. He was particularly brave picking up a snake! In RE, the children have been exploring, looking for signs of new life – relating to the Easter story. We have been so impressed to hear of the children’s continuing success with their reading journey. Congratulations to Will and Sophia on their latest fantastic achievements -150 and 175 nights respectively. Keep up the marvellousness Kingfishers!


Grape Sculptures

Well what a term! What wonderful things have been achieved, despite the constraints of Covid. We have continued to be thrilled with what the children have been able to achieve with the fabulous support from parents and carers. THANK YOU. Congratulations to those who have achieved the next reading milestones, Albert, Nina, Toby, Hamish, Peggy, Molly, Bella, Sofia and Nuala to name just a few! Keep up the great work. To round off our Space topic, the children have been watching several stories this week and writing their thoughts about each. In Maths we have been continuing multiplication work, counting in groups and sharing. Our sculpture work concluded with the Sculptor Eva Rothschild. The children explored sculpting using sticks and grapes, or pasta and plasticene – there were so many fabulous results, and much subsequent chomping.

fruit sculpture

Busy Kingfishers

A great week for Kingfishers! Mrs Fisher and I have been so impressed with the illustrations, the writing and the creativity of all, whilst completing this week’s activities. So much so – that this week it’s photos not writing to give a flavour of what we have been doing. But first, ‘Congratulations’ to Hamish and Peggy for 75 nights plus…, Ava and Ivy for reaching 100 nights, and Jack for zooming through to 150 nights reading. Very well done for your perseverance.




Well what can I say? We have been so thrilled to see everyone working so hard, whether at school or at home. Thank you to everyone for your continued efforts. In English, we have been exploring the story of Beegu. The children have been using speech bubbles, asking questions, and making Beegu a friend. There have been some lovely descriptive phrases, super handwriting, and fantastic illustrations and models. Well done to those who have struggled through the vocabulary on the Oak Academy, whilst working through multiplication this week. Whoever thought that Covid would add so many more words to our lives!! It has been amusing seeing the ‘concrete manipulatives’ in the photos, cubes, dough shapes, pasta (dry!), but I think Evie has the best choice – a tin of Quality Street – wow- what motivation! Our sculpture work this week saw us creating models with plastic spoons, or forks, or toilet rolls and elastic bands. So many rose to the challenge – there’s a photograph of Jack’s and Eliza’s below, thank you. Learning about the moon inspired some to use information books to write even more facts than I was expecting; whilst the science work inspired much ingenuity, thinking about materials that change their properties, or don’t. The Astronaut workout is continuing to inspire the children to beat their achievements from previous weeks. Over 60 - 100 jumps in 30 seconds?? What super children we have in Kingfishers.