Senses and Sculptures

Braving the weather, Rapunzel set out into the garden, having been released from the tower by the handsome princes in Y2. She went to discover the sights, sounds and smells....somewhat enhanced by the diggers and drills from the roadworks! The discoveries were then used to assist the written work in English. This week we have been looking at the sculptures of Henry Moore - especially his 'King and Queen' sculpture. We then attempted to make the human form, using a variety of materials in the classroom. The children tried really hard to use 1 piece of dough, pulling and shaping it into a human, without breaking any off. In Science we attempted to make a piece of material waterproof - using wax - and then testing it with a small amount of water. Despite our best colouring with the wax crayons, the experiment showed us, that the layer needs to be much thicker than we could make it.

IMG 2503aIMG 2503aIMG 2503a

Warwick Castle

Following on from 'Rapunzel's' visit to the classroom last week, we went to find some more princesses at Warwick Castle. We spotted at least 2 on our quest, and although pretty, none could rival our own Rapunzel! We had a fantastic time at the Castle, learning the commands for a Bowman, and being enthralled by the falconry display. One of the birds flew within centimetres of our heads - it was amazing to watch. We saw a lot of armour and a massive porridge pot, a ginormous bed for a queen and we solved the puzzle to release the princess' fiancé from the curse. It was also a beautiful day!

IMG 2434IMG 2434IMG 2434IMG 2434


This week Kingfishers have been looking at the work of the sculptor Anthony Gormley. The children were very impressed by the 'Angel of the North' sculpture. We then spent some time making our own 'human' figures using pipe cleaners. In R. E. this term we are learning about different Creation stories, so we started at the beginning of the Old Testament. week we shall be finding out about the Aboriginal story. It was lovely to discover that the children haven't forgotten the French they were taught last year, as 'French on Fridays' began again last week.IMG 2390IMG 2390IMG 2390

Towers, Turrets and Tiaras

A fantastic start to our new year and term in Kingfishers. It has been super to see so many cheerful, smiling people beaming up at us from the carpet, or from the very smart lining up lines. We have already started our 'Towers, Turrets and Tiaras' topic, the children have enjoyed exploring the role play, polydron and small world castles, and have been very supportive of each other as they learn what goes where. We have begun to create our version of a castle on the wall, there has been much enthusiasm for the painting! 

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