Fire Engine Visit

Today we went (in the pouring rain!) to the Royal Oak where we had arranged to see the Fire Engine.

Everyone had the opportunity to explore the cab, squirt the hose and feel the pressure of the water. Because we were already soaked - more water didn't bother us at all!!

It was AMAZING - it then got better, as they offered to bring us back to school in the fire engine - as by this time, the rain was torrential.

The fire fighters came and asked us questions about the Great FIre of London - and we asked them questions we had prepared yesterday.

Finally we had some warm (not quite hot!) chocolate to warm us up. It was a very memorable morning!

IMG 0177IMG 0184IMG 0186IMG 0188IMG 0200IMG 0408IMG 0409IMG 0414IMG 0419

Our Craft Afternoon

We had a super time creating many things to support our 'Fire' topic.

The children all worked very hard. We produced a fire engine, edible sparklers, breathing apparatus, and houses for our Great Fire of London display.

Some of the parents were able to help - which made it easier for the children to achieve.

IMG 0853IMG 0854IMG 0857IMG 0859IMG 0862IMG 0863IMG 0864IMG 0866IMG 0866IMG 0866IMG 0866IMG 0866IMG 0866IMG 0866IMG 0866

Making More Dinosaurs

Here are some more of the Dinosaurs we made outside using 'stuff'. The children worked together very enthusiastically. IMG 0149IMG 0519IMG 0521IMG 0523IMG 0524IMG 0526IMG 0527IMG 0528