Collecting Data

We have been using the Ipads this week to enhance our understanding of charts. It has involved collecting data from the other children, and then using this to create bar charts, tally charts, pie charts and pictograms. It has been great fun. In Maths, the Y2s have been working on estimating measurements, whilst the Y1s have been cementing their number bonds using the 'Part, Part, Whole' strategy. In Geography we were finding out about the different types of Islands, and then used the maps and atlases to find Islands around the World. We also remembered what we had been learning at Forest School last week - what things are necessary for survival on an Island. Mr Woolston has been encouraging the children to think about their 'learning lines' in PSHE, and then has been talking about what's inside their bodies. The children then worked together to position the body parts in the correct places on a paper torso. A slightly quieter week in Kingfishers this week.IMG 3622IMG 3622

Hot Cross Buns

This week in Kingfishers we have continued exploring the World, we found out some facts about the Continents, and tried to gain some understanding of our tiny place in a very large planet. It was quite tricky to get the sequence correct. Owls Assembly also gave us a little more to think about, when they were telling us about the water and the seas. The children were very happy to be able to go out in the sunshine for PE, and were particularly thrilled to come back telling me how many they 'tagged' in their tag rugby game. Inside, we were looking at the work of an artist, Patrick Heron, and then emulating his work. Eating Hot Cross Buns seemed to be a 'helpful' way for many to help to remember the events on Good Friday, as the Easter story is our RE work for this term. And then it was stories, stories, stories in Kingfishers on World Book Day. Another busy week in Kingfishers!IMG 3560IMG 3560IMG 3554IMG 3554

The World

The new term has found us exploring the World in our Island/Great Explorations topic. We have a large world map which we have been using to find out about the different continents and the 5 oceans. We have also been finding out where the greetings we know, and use for the register originate from. In Art we enjoyed learning about the work of Richard Long, and then used the classroom objects to create patterns in his style. It was a rewardingly creative afternoon. In English we have started thinking about being lost on a desert island, enjoying the story of Miranda the Castaway. It has really helped us with 'extended sentence' writing. And then we went to Forest School - the muddy path is still amazingly watery - but nevertheless, we had a great time, looking for signs of Spring on the trees, and identifying which trees were which. After that we used natural wool (albeit dyed to some very bright shades!) to dress our newly made stick people. We brought them back to school and are going to use them to write little stories with.

IMG 3463IMG 3463IMG 3463IMG 3463

Legoland Discovery

We had a great day at Legoland Discovery in Birmingham. The children were really thrilled with the soft play area???! The 4D cinema was an exciting adventure for some - putting on the ''glasses what did magic!'' and being squirted by the water. The amazing Lego layouts were really eye-catching. The children recognised Warwick Castle, reminding them of our trip there in September. For many, the best bit was, as we had hoped, the chance to play and create with just so much Lego. We actually went in the shop and bought some Lego to bring back to school. It took several days to build what we had bought

.IMG 3276IMG 3259IMG 3276IMG 3288IMG 3302