Seaside Fun Day

After our Seaside Assembly, at which the chldren performed their ryhmes,riddles and song, we had our Seaside Fun Day. There was plenty to do, and it kept us busy all day. Another in a long line of our 'best days ever'!IMG 0845IMG 2285IMG 0832IMG 0834IMG 0822IMG 0823IMG 0816IMG 2272


Although we had to tell the coach driver the way to Cheltenham, it didn;t marr the time we had at Cheltenham College, taking part in the Multiskills Event.

There were a variety of different sports to try out. It was an exciting morning.

IMG 0797IMG 0805IMG 2243


Sealife Centre

After visiting Legoland, we walked across the bridge to the Sealife Centre. It was dark and fishy inside! There was such a lot to see. We had a truely fantastic time.

IMG 0679IMG 2202IMG 2229IMG 0677IMG 0655IMG 0667IMG 0680IMG 1083

Legoland Discovery

We went to Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham. We had a fabulous time. The children really enjoyed discovering and making.IMG 0988IMG 0989IMG 0990IMG 1007IMG 1035IMG 1037IMG 1039IMG 1047