Activities at Forest School have involved tree climbing, nest building, mouse dens and involuntary mud slides. We have been having a great time. This week we have helped create Bug Hotels, as well as looking for signs of activity around the dens and bird feeders. Thank you Mrs Wycherley for making it such fabulous fun!

No Pens Wednesday gave us the chance to rehearse our acting skills, as we pretended we were Samuel Pepys and Charles II. In maths we have been thinking about shapes, vertices and edges, and so enjoyed the opportunity to create them using Meccano or Geo Strips and split pins. Some then morphed into pterodactyls and stegosaurus’ – linking our learning!

In RE we were thinking about when Candles are used – we were amazed to be able to come up with 16 different celebrations or purposes. Well done Kingfishers for really thinking hard!

candles a


The Great Fire of London

The weeks seem to fly by, as we immerse ourselves in the 'Great Fire of London'. We have painted a scene of old London, and have enjoyed working on the story 'Toby and the Great Fire of London'. In maths we have been working on subtraction - of 2 digit numbers or using number lines to assist. Mrs Wycherley has been leading us in Forest School activities - last week we were looking for spots in nature - linking it to Children in Need day, as well as decorating the trees with Pudsey chalk spots. This week we are thinking about making nests for hibernating creatures. In R.E., Mr Woolston was very impressed by the enthusiasm and hard work demonstrated by the children whilst they were discussing 'How do we know it's Christmas?' Many children had much to say on the subject!

fire of london

Harry and the Dinosaurs

Another week has passed and Kingfishers are reaching the end of their Dinosaur topic. We have been writing our own Harry and the Dinosaur stories and making puppets to use with our stories. In maths we have been working on number bonds, and how to work them out systematically. We have been working with found items from our trips to Forest School. Whilst we have been there, we have been making clay monsters and tiles, as well as enjoying the delights and sights of Autumn, admittedly sometimes in the pouring rain!

We have been painting our fossils and ammonites, and we have made dinosaur eggs, which we hope will be ready to hatch next week. We made colourful posters to show which dinosaurs ate what. Our last piece of research will be to look at why dinosaurs became extinct? – It will be interesting to see what the consensus is.



In Kingfishers this week, we have been making daily visits to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, all from the comfort of our classroom. We have enjoyed watching and listening to the authors as they talk about their books and hearing them read parts of the stories to us. We have revisited the texts from 2019 and reminisced about our trip to Cheltenham last year!

To continue our ‘reminiscing’ theme, we talked about where we went for Harvest, and what we did once we were there. We learnt what the significance of Harvest is to Christian people, and all worked together to create a Harvest Wreath which is hanging in the middle of our classroom – it looks really bright and cheerful as you can see in the photo.

Other activities this week have seen us taking part in Maths, Geography, P.E., Forest School, Phonics, and Science. My apologies if anyone came home asking to have a pet snake – we discussed how caring for a snake is easier than looking after a dog, although admittedly they’re possibly not as friendly!

wreath 2wreath 2