Maths and more

Once again, Kingfishers have been busy. We have been working hard on our handwriting, Y2s are beginning to learn to join the letters, whilst the Y1s have been practising their phonics (sounds!). We have been enjoying the stories of Harry and the Dinosaurs; and have begun writing a version ourselves. In Maths, the Y1 children have been consolidating their knowledge, counting forwards and backwards and making 10, whilst the Y2s have been working on tens and ones, making and breaking 2 digit numbers.

10 frame

For our topic work, we have been finding out about Mary Anning. She discovered many fossils in Lyme Regis – we’ve had to make our own, as our playground is particularly unlike the Jurassic Coast! Last week we made moving model dinosaurs, using different joining techniques – some people’s had up to 4 moving parts!

Dinosaurs Roar!

A great start to the week for Kingfishers, beginning our topic ‘Dinosaurs Roar’. In the mornings we have been writing facts about Dinosaurs, and learning some of the names if we’re not sure – and in the afternoons we have been labelling them, finding out about the past, when they were alive, and collating our thoughts about what they already know. With Mr Major, we have been exercising, running, turning and twisting, taking turns and generally exhausting ourselves. It was a little tricky ensuring all the sweatshirts returned to their correct owners – so please check the name labels, so that we can be ready for home time promptly. Thank you. We have finished our Kingfisher display in the entrance hall – I was so proud of the way the children worked together to create the beautiful centre piece.

Kingfisher class

Being a Kingfisher

How lovely it is to see so many smiling faces, gappy-toothed grins, slightly too long sweatshirts, and shiny shoes as we welcome a full class of Kingfishers into our classroom for the beginning of another year. We have also been thrilled to welcome 3 new children to the class, Matthew, Theo and Sofia. It won’t be long before they, and the children who have joined us from Robins become used to the routines and ways of our class. The children have had plenty of opportunities to talk about their experiences of the last few months, and are certainly seeming to be enjoying being back together again.

This week we have been thinking about ‘What it is like to be a Kingfisher’ – (the sweatshirt variety not the feathered ones!) – and we have been using our feet to help us make collages of the feathered variety. We have also been recycling carrier bags, and designing our own Kingfisher crockery! Very soon these will be on display in the entrance. Next week we will start on our Dinosaur theme – and we will be starting our Tuesday P.E. lessons with Mr Major.

Collecting Data

We have been using the Ipads this week to enhance our understanding of charts. It has involved collecting data from the other children, and then using this to create bar charts, tally charts, pie charts and pictograms. It has been great fun. In Maths, the Y2s have been working on estimating measurements, whilst the Y1s have been cementing their number bonds using the 'Part, Part, Whole' strategy. In Geography we were finding out about the different types of Islands, and then used the maps and atlases to find Islands around the World. We also remembered what we had been learning at Forest School last week - what things are necessary for survival on an Island. Mr Woolston has been encouraging the children to think about their 'learning lines' in PSHE, and then has been talking about what's inside their bodies. The children then worked together to position the body parts in the correct places on a paper torso. A slightly quieter week in Kingfishers this week.IMG 3622IMG 3622