Throne of Crowns!

Walking on the Wild side this week led us to exploring the flowers in the school grounds, drawing,
naming and writing sensory poems. Because we were unable to visit Forest School, we will be sending
home the final activity for the children to maybe complete during the long half term. We’re sure
they would like to make an Insect Hotel. We and Mrs Wycherley would love to see any creations.
Other activities this week have been focussing round preparations for the Jubilee Celebrations.
Having designed our crowns and bunting on paper, we worked hard to finish them. Cutting, sewing,
gluing, trimming, sparkling and fitting. The children will certainly look resplendent for the Jubilee
Parade a week on Saturday.

Hcrownsere’s our ‘Throne of Crowns’!



Another week has flown by in Kingfishers. We warmly welcome Abel and Belle to our Kingfisher Class
– next week maybe someone whose name starts with ‘C’ ?! It is so lovely that children come from far
and wide to join us here at Gretton. Belle has come all the way from New Zealand!
A great big ‘thank you’ to Mr Major, Ms Illot, and Mrs Fowler for their assistance whilst the Year 2s
showed us how much they have learnt completing their SATs tasks – and to the Year 1 children for
travelling all over the school to do their activities.
We finished compiling our e-books – the children were thrilled by what they had achieved. The poem
writing following the nature walk amazed Mrs Fisher and Mrs Marlow, and I was astounded by the
Year 1s for their work on Muhammed and the Crying Camel. We really do have some superstars in


Insect Life

Inspired by the wonderful display in the Hall from Eagles, Kingfishers have, this week, set about
creating their own ‘Jubilee/British’ display for another board. It involved much thought, and some
ingenuity – there had to be a paper plate in it somewhere! The display is well on its way and will be
completed soon!
Mini-beasts have inspired our other work this week – creative writing about the items we brought back
from Forest School; at which, we followed flow diagrams to help identify the mini-beasts we had found,
as well as recording them for posterity. This week was a good week for insect life!


My Mouth is a Volcano

A short week, working on types of sentences, writing questions, hoping for answers with exclamations.
Reading poems, looking at the shapes of them, have they got questions too?
Mr Woolston read a story ‘My Mouth is a Volcano’ – it taught us about not interrupting, and thinking
first, and what strategies we could use if we think we’re going to ‘erupt’! Good ideas – waiting to be
put into practice……….
We have continued with our learning about Islam and the Prophet Muhammed; the stories are about
looking after nature, which is what we have been thinking about in French and Science too! Almost
feels as though it was planned!

Our topic display in the classroom

topic display