Big Friends

Big friends spent some time with their little friends on Friday afternoon. We created some drawings and talked about what we enjoy most about spending time together. It was a really positive way to mark the end of Anti-bullying week.

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Year 4 Maths Challenge

On Friday Grace, Josie, Fenton and Seb attended the Year 4 Math Challenge at St Edward's Senior School.

They took part in several rounds of different maths activities. It was fabulous to watch them work - they were all excited and embraced the challenge. We were impressed by how quickly Josie and Grace completed the 24 Game round, and how well Fenton and Seb worked as a team.

Josie was also chosen to take part in a card trick.

The children all represented the school beautifully - well done!

We don't know the results yet, but whatever they may be, the children have made us very proud.

Thank you very much to Mrs Weatherley-Kaye for supplying me with coffee and conversation! And thank you to Mrs Clargo, Mrs Weatherley-Kaye, Mr Milner and Mr Jouni for facilitating transport for the children.

Puppet Shows

Eagles shared their wonderful puppet show homework with the Robins. It was lovely to see so much storytelling and enthusiasm from all the children. Thank you parents for your support in creative homework tasks!

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Book Week in Eagles

To celebrate Book Week, Eagles enjoyed several book related activities:

  • They designed new covers for their favourite books. The winner will receive a book from the Book Fair.
  • They had a preview Book Fair visit and picked the books they liked the look of the most. There was a very diverse selection!
  • Mrs Taverner led a balloon debate - the children argued for the best book to stay on board their rapidly descending balloon.