In Art we have been learning about Ansel Adams and the amazing photography he has done over the
years. We've had two sessions of Rounders - one in preparation for the tournament, which was
unfortunately cancelled, and one after the SATs had finished. The Year 6s have been doing SATs - 6
papers (SPaG, Spelling. Reading and 3x Maths). We liked it - it was fun and a calming environment.
by Matty, Hattie and Monty.

Y6 celebrating the completion of their SATs!



This week we've finished our work on rainforest survival hats for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
The Eagles designed them at the beginning of the week and wrote explanation texts to explain all the
features. If ever the Queen gets lost in a rainforest, she'd do well to be accompanied by an Eagle!

Down at the village field, we’ve also been honing our skills in Rounders!



What a Wonderful World

We've had a surprise extra member of Eagles class this week! Darren the blue tit has been keeping
us very entertained (and distracted) by tapping on the windows frequently throughout the day. So
far, he's interrupted our Maths work on fractions, our writing in English and the introduction to our
new Geography-based topic What a Wonderful World, in which we are going to learn all about the
world's rainforests.
Zeyla and Isabelle's interesting and informative assembly on the subject of dogs – we really
enjoyed meeting our special guests!


Tag Rugby

We've found out some fascinating facts in our reading in English; did you know cod have regional
accents? In Maths we've been getting to grips with decimals, fractions and area, utilising our lovely
new Working Walls to help with our learning.
Mrs Fisher kindly covered Eagles on Wednesday afternoon - the children were very well behaved and
created some fabulous fact sheets about states in the U.S.A. which they shared with Mr Woolston on
Some of the children in action during tag rugbytag rugby