Wow! What a lot of scarves! What a lot of warmth and some super stories! Mr Woolston
demonstrated tremendous resilience by sporting his Luton scarf, whilst Mrs Holt showed us
something she cares about hugely – her university scarf as she was the first person in her family to
go to a university. Mrs Netting talked about the sense of belonging she had felt, showing us her
secondary school scarf whilst Mrs Eliot’s was all about keeping warm, and a reminder of a special
person. The children themselves all looked fabulous in Assembly – we weren’t able to hear every story
then – but we have listened to many as the morning has passed.
Thank you for supporting Children’s Mental Health Week.


The value of a scarf...
 SAFETY - some scarves will be warm and comforting, helping to keep someone snug and safe in very
cold weather!
 CARING - some scarves might have been a present from a special person; they'll help make
someone feel cared for. Wearing a scarf as part of religious faith can also help someone to feel
cared for.
 ACHIEVEMENT - some scarves might be part of a club, perhaps a sports team. These are waved
when a club achieves (e.g. when a football team scores a goal!) They also show when someone
belongs to something.
 RESILIENCE - a football team's scarf can also help someone to remember that they can still
support a team even if it's not doing well; they can show resilience when bouncing back from
defeat or disappointment.
 FRIENDSHIP - maybe some scarves were a gift from a friend and this makes them extra special.