Friendship Friday

We had our third and final “Friendship Friday” of this year and the children really enjoyed the
morning working and playing in their House Groups. The theme this time (to tie in with our FOGs
“Wear What Makes You Happy” non-uniform day) was “What Makes you Happy?” Activities included a
Lego challenge, train track building, solar biscuit making and drawing – never a dull moment!


Ups and downs at playtime

The weather has finally been good enough to have the trampolines Mrs Dodd ordered out on the playground. The children have been immensely well-behaved on them, queueing patiently and taking turns beautifully with no adult intervention needed.


Coronation Tea Party

The whole school celebrated the imminent coronation of King Charles III with a wonderful tea party on the playground. It was an afternoon of fun and teamwork: all sections of the school community (and the weather) joined together for a successful time. The children decorated tablecloths, created commemorative rocks, chalked on the playground, experienced a treasure hunt, took part in hobby horse relays, played a running game with playing cards, and to top off a superb afternoon, sang a song 'Sing For The King' (superbly taught by Mrs Eliot). It was uplifting to see the parents wholeheartedly involved in the second rendition of the song. What a lovely afternoon!

YouTube link for video of the song: 


Remembrance Day

We paid our respects on Remembrance Day by joining together on the playground and, following the ringing of the school bell, observed a 2 minutes silence at 11:00 am.