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Headteacher Message

Thank you for taking the time to look at our lovely school. Situated in the beautiful village of Gretton, just north of Winchcombe, our school provides an exceptionally caring and nurturing learning environment in which we aim to make all learners feel happy and secure. There has been a school in Gretton since 1862; it was originally housed in the village hall but with the help and generosity of Emma Dent of Sudeley Castle, who gave land and a sum of money, the present building was erected in 1892.  When you visit Gretton you will quickly find that we are a warm and welcoming place. Gretton Primary School is regularly praised by parents for our family feel, where all members of our school find joy in working and learning together and being part of the community.

At Gretton Primary School, we believe that school should be a time when every child has a chance to AIM HIGH. It should be a place where all children discover things they love and that they are good at. Our core values of Awareness, Inspiration, Mindfulness, Happiness, Inclusivity, Growth mindset and Hard work are threaded throughout our broad, fun and inspiring curriculum, including forest school, sports and the arts.  As well as striving for academic excellence, we place a high emphasis on the personal, social and emotional development of our children and, as such, provide a warm, caring environment where children feel secure and happy.  Through these key learning supports, we ensure our children become confident, resilient and lifelong learners.  

The school has a capacity of 105 pupils. They mostly come from Gretton and the surrounding local areas. We have four classes; Robins – Reception; Kingfishers- Years 1 and 2; Owls – Years 3 and 4 and Eagles – Years 5 and 6.

Everyone at Gretton believes that for a child’s education to be successful there must be a partnership between home and school; we warmly welcome and encourage parents to become involved in their child’s learning as well as in all other school activities.

Visitors are also warmly welcomed, and newcomers quickly feel that they belong. We are proud of our wonderful school and hope that our website leads you to wanting to know more about us. We welcome you to come in and see us for yourself.

Mr Adam Sallis