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We researched, created and played our own ‘Around The World’ board games.    


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George and Lauren played their guitars for us as we entered assembly.rsz 1068 2

On Thursday, Owls and Eagles were visited by Police Officer Nicki Dannatt. During age appropriate sessions, PC Dannatt spoke to both classes about how to avoid online dangers.  Her message was clear and centred around 4 top tips.

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PC Dannatt directed the children to the website for more information, games and videos on the Esafety theme.


The Eagles undertook their first Problem Solving session on Tuesday. They looked at the faces on cubes and tried to identify a pattern depending on how the cubes were stacked and how many cubes there were. There was a lot of discussion going on! It was great to see such good teamwork between the pairs. We will be having a Problem Solving session every Monday.

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