Eagles have been working hard to research all things Roman. So far, our new topic has taught us all about mosaics, Romulus and Remus, Boudicca's rebellion and the different systems of Roman rule.

Eagles have created some fantastic shoe box biomes. Biomes are regions of the world with similar climates, animals and plants. They are classified in various ways. See if you can decide which category the following biomes belong to. Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Grassland or Tundra?rsz img 0220

rsz img 0221rsz img 0224rsz img 0225rsz img 0222

With many children away at the Newlands tag rugby tournament, Eagles and Owls classes combined for the day. The children watched a video about the Easter story, told using Lego, then created their own scenes from the story using Mrs Holt's children's Lego. It was fascinating to see them decide what they wanted to do, and hear their ideas and thoughts.


IMG 04421

rsz philosophy4childrenlogoEagles have been taking part in some Philosophy for Children sessions with Miss Cornish. These lessons offer a way to open up our learning through enquiry and the exploration of ideas. Our most recent discussion involved sharing our opinions on the prospect of robot teachers! Mrs Jackson was pleased (and a little relieved) to hear the children talk about the value that they placed on 'human' teachers over robotic ones. 

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