This term's Topic Web and Homework


On Monday Eagles had a visit from Ms Turner of Winchcombe school, kindly arranged by Mrs Roles. She borrowed some samba instruments from Gotherington and taught us how to play them. Everybody had the opportunity to play each instrument - even Mrs Holt and Mr Major! 

IMG 03331

Enterprise Day

It's been a topsy turvy week in Eagles, with PE sessions swapping days to accommodate Y6 Induction Days, Enterprise Day and Mr Major teaching on Thursday afternoon instead of Wednesday!

Enterprise Day involved cooking for the Eagles, and they behaved maturely, sensibly and with interest. They worked in small groups, learning how to make a chilli con carne, several sauces that were destined for chicken and rice, cakes, icing and smoothies. They demonstrated great teamwork, and were critical in setting up the class' stalls in the afternoon. We took £84 in total.

Thank you Eagles, for being a class to be proud of.

The Prisoner of Azkaban

We have started a Harry Potter mini topic on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We have renamed all of our Houses, and designed crests based on the qualities of the people in them. Viridimont (Cleeve) have chosen a wolf as their representative animal, Seacon (Stanley) a kraken, Dragonelm (Langley) a dragon, and Jaydernix (Sudeley) a phoenix. 

We have also written descriptions that convey a sense of atmosphere (about the arrival of the Knight bus) and that evoke a sense of fear and unease

dementor (about Dementors).