This term's Topic Web and Homework

Busy Week!


It's been a busy week in Eagles class - DT Day on Monday, starting Talk For Writing on Tuesday and the swimming gala on Friday. Our film sets that we designed and made on Monday are coming along a treat - we just need to paint them all and set them up in our 'desert'. Mr Major filmed some great videos of us at the design and making stages, which we are hoping to turn into ebooks now that the ipads are here!
Below are some photos from 'Eagle Owl' class - the children from Eagles and Owls who did not attend the swimming gala. We had a go at GecKo Maths, which was enjoyed by all.
IMG 01275b15d
IMG 01285b15d


Pyramid homework

The children outdid themselves with their topic homework task this week. We had pyramids made of Lego, cardboard and paper; a pyramid that lit up inside made by Joe; pyramids with sandy environments; pyramids with camels; a shiny holographic pyramid; even edible pyramids (Rose made a jam sandwich pyramid and Rachel made a cake pyramid complete with fondant palm trees).

IMG 0665

Ufton Court 2

Here are all the photos taken at Ufton Court :

We were very lucky with the glorious weather - during our down time we were able to play football, go on the volleyball court and play with Joe's diablos. It also meant that our outdoor activities (the raid, the wattling, Big Dig, quill and ink amongst others) went well.

The children threw themselves into all the activities and enjoyed them. They all entered into the spirit of the trip. It was very drama based, which suited a lot of the children (and Mr Major!). We learned an awful lot about the Vikings and their way of life.